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Presumably to thank my mother told him cheap stitched nfl jerseys free shipping the news, Ding Shuji from the Department of Education to come and tell her mother back, saying that indeed there is such a file, but how to perform specific to themselves in the hands of the various units, such as cultural and educational institutions, how a top post France? You can not say that parents can become a teacher, and their kids will be able to be a teacher, right? Ding Shuji said "Teacher Chang Yeah, thank you for telling me the good news, I'm not into retirement, but my wife approaching retirement age, and her body is not good, you can do Bingtui, I want her to Bingtui, and let me Ding Ling top job and I think you can do a Bingtui let you stay home Jingqiu town bar. girls go to the countryside, the overall impression is not assured. " Mom did not think he usually only dare to look up Ding Shuji actually worried about her daughter under the rural thing, poor parental love. Listen Ding Shuji tone, if the mother apply Bingtui, schools will agree to let the top post of Anny, Mom grateful, many thanks a lot just leave. Mom told the good news quiet autumn, said Dan Zhao mother's heart these years, I finally can put down half. I'll go apply Bingtui let you top post, you do not have a next countryside. Wait until you post something pulled off the top of my heart to put down the other half. Anny cheap stitched nfl jerseys from china said "We should let my brother to the top post, he go on for so many years, suffered much pain, but also a loving home because my brother was opposed to both of them in the countryside of things come back to the city if we make brother. then what are gone. " Anny and told the Edmonton, Edmonton happy dead, says this is just great, cheap stitched nfl jerseys I can finally together with your brother, and my family will no longer stop us. Edmonton quickly wrote a letter to his brother and told him the good news. But my brother does not agree, saying that he had to go so long, it will simply wait for recruitment, the countryside so many years, but also takes up the post of top places, too uneconomical, as this opportunity to quiet autumn, so quiet autumn not the countryside. Anny's mother is determined not to allow quiet autumn countryside, her mother often had nightmares, trouble always dreamed Jingqiu mother to the countryside to see her, I saw her lying in a pile of straw, hair disheveled , eyes dull. Her mother asked he