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The school has a very old accordion, but none of the teachers will pull. Jingqiu called the mother to take back the accordion school, she learned to pull. Organ, accordion are keyboard instruments, there are many similarities places Jingqiu pull for some time, we can classmates accompaniment, just part of the left hand chords are not familiar with. At that time not many people will engage in musical instruments, woman will be playing the violin even less. Jingqiu often carrying accordion, people with school propaganda team to various places to publicize Mao Zedong Thought river island, river island, almost all people who know her, do not necessarily know her name, but just say "eight of the accordion accompaniment girl ", others know her. She later Congjiang teacher's house when passing, often heard Chiang accordion, admire incredibly, the teacher called my mother to take her to worship the river as a teacher. Jingqiu piano teacher reebok nfl jerseys from china to follow the river, and soon the river just a teacher to engage familiar. Chiang lover doctor looks into a special, high nose concave eye, known as "foreigners" in the middle of the river island quite well known, wherever there are people who follow the look. Some children courageous, shouting "foreigners" often followed behind him, good-natured, just smile back, waved to walk. Into the doctor's personal life is a hot topic in the river island people, there are many versions. Some say he is Chiang spies, some say he was the Soviet spy; Some say his father was a military Admiral, with a Chinese woman gave birth to him, on the eve of the liberation of the American will to leave their mother and son, went back to the United States; there are those who say that his mother was the Communist Party officials, while studying in the Soviet Union with a good on the Soviets, and gave birth to him, it might affect their future, they took him away up. A doctor of their own photograph of "foreigners" face explanation is that his family has Kazakh descent, but no one has seen his father or mother Kazakh, so we prefer to believe that he was a spy or mestizo bastard. It passed around several versions, travels a nose with eyes, each argument is convincing. Anny prefer "Communist officials" this version, because in her mind that Americans do not look good the Soviets, the Americans too sharp nose is aquiline nose, and aquiline nose is a symbol of cunning. Soviet human nose is not so sharp, so handsome, brave and honest. She did not actually seen the Americans, even the movie seems to have not read, are reebok nfl jerseys free shipping outside posters, posters on it appears. But she saw the Soviet Union - the illustrations, the Soviet men are wearing the kind of hedging, small mouth open under the collar, two or three tablets buckle clasp clothes, waist line a belt, very personable. I do not know why, Anny always felt looked like a doctor with the youngest, although the youngest of the nose is not so high, his eyes not so concave, walk outside would not be so many people were astonished to see when tracking onlookers, but she felt like. She did not know he was a doctor because I like to take on the appearance of the youngest first sight, or because it felt like the youngest into a handsome doctor, anyway, she often put the two of them confused. Jingqiu after asking a doctor, I thought the cheap reebok jerseys youngest probably will not freeze to death, but she has been to see the youngest's letter was completely at ease. That day, Anny's mother brought her cheap reebok jerseys nfl a letter, saying that the people who write Nishimura Ping come. She one, almost dizzy, I thought the youngest is probably frozen crazy, actually wrote the letter K in the city of eight school to come. She met him on the first day said to him, told him not to write here, because then the student is no letter, if there is, it is certainly nothing shameful secret. Janitor saw a letter to her home, regardless of who the receiver is always to her mother. Mom did not split her letter, she called the demolition. That may be the first letter from the post office a letter which she received a lifetime, she saw the look on the envelope sender is "Zhaoxiu Fang" handwriting also like SILVER, she would in front of her mother's face demolition open reading, letter writing very simple, just learning to talk about the recent situation, said the family is good, ask her to go free to play Ping Village, then on behalf of the family asked Jingqiu good, and so on. Jingqiu see handwriting is believed to be the youngest, he could not help but scoff at heart. "Really will mystify, even my mother are Ganpian"