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She saw him all right, put cotton in the seam in the letter burned out, so put there bulging, her mother could see out there a hidden thing. But she left the youngest of the first letter, because that letter which did not say "we" how how. From graduation day getting closer, more and more quiet autumn mood contradiction. She looked forward to the day had to hurry, she can quickly see the third. But she was afraid graduation, graduation because she was going to the countryside. After the countryside, her account is moved to the countryside to go, she is not K city people, it can not be the odd jobs. At that time, she and her brother were both team rations owed ​​money, do not call her 42.3 years of sister play odd jobs? Then the city's youth is no longer K down to a production team, but rather by the parents unit go down to the point of collective youth. Point K youth culture and education system in the city of an old mountain Y counties inside, bitter place, organized a forest, do not expect to have income, youth under there just for refining in the vast world of a red heart, are the parents help them export food money. To be honest, the parents do not care about their children in the forest can not make money, just boil them safely in the forest a few years, then back to the city job on the line. Culture and education system are sent each year in July a new youth to the countryside, but six months ago in the countryside of youth were about to go to the countryside education. Every day I heard that, "a red heart, two kinds of preparations," but do not understand in the end Jingqiu which has two kinds of preparations, it seems one of the countryside. EDB organized several Assembly, please have the countryside, especially in rural areas took root educated youth to the countryside to those who will soon make a report, about how they mingle with the local poor peasants. Some typical example and cheap replica nfl jerseys have been married with the local farmers, said to "take root in rural revolution." Jingqiu listen to them talk about their glorious deeds, do not know what they love or not love their husband or wife farmers. But one thing she knew, once with local farmers to get married, you do not want to move back to the city came. Fan Ling years older than Anny, had already countryside, and two people are attached elementary school teacher mother. Fan Ling back rest, always talking about how hard the rural quiet autumn, said work too tired to wait for them to fall to the ground dead, life is very boring, only looking at the day job back to the city, they proudly up. Fan Ling youth who also sang the song to her "Do a long labor, loose waistband down, people boiled white rice a fragrant, back to my room was dark, oh my brother ah -" Jingqiu with Fan Fan Li Ling's sister a year, two people made ​​an appointment, then they both lived a countryside house, two people together to the countryside is also preparing supplies. Fan Li relatively better economic conditions at home, her father and mother are eight K City teacher, working parents, to feed three children still no big problem. So she prepared together with Anny things, can buy things in pairs is not much, most things are Fan Li afford, but can not afford Jingqiu. The only thing they both interlinked, is a pillowcase. They bought a little cloth himself and wrote the words "vast world, has much to offer" the shining embroidered on their own words, to prepare the countryside with. Are in full swing to prepare the countryside, when suddenly one day, went to K City look SILVER Jingqiu. Wait until Jingqiu send her ride home when two people have the opportunity alone together. SILVER come up with a letter to the quiet autumn, said that the youngest called her sent. Anny, etc. SILVER car drove off, sitting station to look at the letter opened. May be in order to express messenger courtesy letter did not seal, but the youngest one else to tell his thoughts, see the quiet autumn blush, he is not afraid SILVER apart to see? Youngest in the letter telling her that a file is now under the above employees retire, they can replace one of their children by their position, called the "top job." It is said that this document is not publicly communicated by the relevant departments of their grasp. Youngest called her to let her mother go to school or to inquire about the Department of Education, she can not see the top of her cheap replica nfl jerseys free shipping mother's job, so she would not have under the rural areas. Youngest say you're fit to teach, if you top your mom's office, will become an excellent teacher. Anny watched a few times, do not believe that there really such a thing. She did not want the top job back, but she very much hope that her brother could top post back to the city, because my brother is too poor, and his junior high school that would be, what their parents Punished time, there is no energy in high school, a rural school on the next to go , and stay in there for so many years, to jump the queue in the youth team that went a few aside and went a few dialed her brother did not move back. Brother in the countryside, when sometimes the quiet autumn loving home to come and collect the letter, because the letter written to the loving brother dare go home, they wrote their own home. Every time I come, Oi will talk with her ​​and static Jingqiu new story about them before reading something in a class, talk about how to make people quiet new to her house and called her out of class as well as a very nice talk the girls also like quiet new, but just like her quiet new one. But put the most is how to get back to the city to static tactics, as long as he strokes back, her parents would not willfully blocked. Jingqiu every day in hopes to recruit his brother to hurry back, afraid he would stay in the old ruined his country and loving love. Now she saw the top post news, overjoyed, quickly ran home to tell his mother. She did not dare to say that from the youngest there to listen to, and she just said to listen to the students talk about. Mom heard classmates talking about, you do not believe, but my mother think to ask is not a bad thing, do not do this hope on the line. Ding Shuji mother inquired to find schools, Ding Shuji said he has not heard of these things, but he went to the next meeting when the Board of Education, will inquire about it. Ding Ling Ding Shuji daughter has graduated from high school, but cheap replica nfl jerseys from china did not go cheap replica jerseys in the city Lai, and made the people great advice. Ding Shuji top job now heard something, but also very interested to find out soon put the message.