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Edmonton began to cry in front of their face, said "? My family do this to me, he do this to me, what does that mean I'm alive." Anny's mother frightened, quickly called Jingqiu to live in that house my brother called him. Edmonton said "I look for him with you." During the winter time is just, my mother asked a teacher back home for the New Year borrowed singleton teacher housing, so go home for the New Year's brother in there for a few days. Her brother hid in that small room, do not come out to see Edmonton. Anny knocked on the door of his brother, he saw his brother with loving two people standing face to face, as if the eyes cheap nike jerseys nfl are filled with tears like a flower, she quickly left, knowing that his brother will not be dodging loving the. She could see his brother actually liked caring, loving but not this time dodging brother lost badly. That night, Edmonton came together with his brother for dinner. Edmonton, said "I ​​do not care what I say father and mother, and I'm new to keep quiet together, if they scold me, I moved to live in your home, a bed with quiet autumn." During the Spring Festival, Edmonton almost every day come looking for quiet new, two people live in the cheap nike elite nfl jerseys room quiet new play, Edmonton often stay until eleven more to go cheap nike elite nfl jerseys paypal back, in front of her father and mother did not know is how accountable. One night, fast eleven, suddenly there are a few nursing school teacher on duty to call her mother, and said your son was hurt. Anny and her mother followed a few teachers went to the office and saw that his brother was locked in a small office, loving being held in another room. That several teachers on duty rushed outside to the quiet autumn, they only talk with her ​​mother. Jingqiu frantically waiting outside, over a long time, a teacher on duty to bring it out of Edmonton, said you can go. But refused to leave Edmonton, loud debate with that person "Why do you hold him we did not do anything, you let him, I will not go -?" People on duty, said "Are you still shouting here do you know the world is there 'shame' word, we can now send you to the hospital to check to see if your mouth is also hard not hard??." Edmonton did not back down "Go go, go check it out, if not the man I did not do anything, you watch your dog's head my brother and my brother will not let you, my dad will not let you.. you really nosy, go too far. " Jingqiu never seen such a powerful loving, she usually speak are Xishengxiqi. People seem nike elite nfl jerseys to be intimidated on duty, having just come out of the mother, said "Zhang teacher, you take her back to her house go, we are looking at on your part, this does not put her how, otherwise , to send the defense team to go. " Mom was afraid to make a big thing of Anny said. "Oi you send back, I am here to negotiate with them the things your brother." Jingqiu to send back to Edmonton, Edmonton anxiously said? "Your brother is still inside, I went home to do I'm afraid they went to your brother handed defense, defense of the people will beat him - and I want to be with them go to the hospital, as long as they put your brother - " Jingqiu accompany Aimin waiting outside, she anxiously asked "? In the end is how is it" "These duty nosy. Tonight was cold, I told your brother as they sat on the bed with a quilt over his feet, they come knocking, we immediately opened, and they took us to the office to interrogate , and said we should go handed defense brigade. " Jingqiu do not know to what extent this matter seriously, she quickly asked "What - how to do it?"