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At the door waiting for over an hour, but no one came back. Wet clothes affixed to the body, has been freezing cold toes. Mo Sheng suddenly remembered childhood seemed to have so once Lin Zhaoyu from school running back, and nobody in the family, she waited at the door to wait more than two hours before my father came back carrying a briefcase. Remember my father was very distressed look of it, her tightly in his arms, he kept saying: "Dad! Bad, bad dad, daddy little ass play sheng it." As long as middle age woman with her dad, like a old elf, with her four mischievous, no slightest mayor Zhao prestige, but he was too busy, to give her time to draw too limited. Mo Sheng childhood classmates envy of many tacit official Sheng's father, Mo Sheng little time but in the essay wrote: My wish is father to work on time every day, no uncle came to my house and my father talk every day. But as long as there is time, an official of the father will put Mo Sheng pet heaven, nothing like my mother ...... remember, my mother has been deserted look on her little daughter are smiling ...... "Little Sheng!" Mo Sheng surprised startled cry from the memories. "Huang aunt." The middle-aged woman standing in front of the house is silent Sheng neighbors, her husband is the father of former municipal colleagues, cheap authentic jerseys nfl and his family be close between. "Little sheng, when you come back, come on, come in and see you pour into what looks like." Aunt Huang side door while greeting her. Grazed finally comfortable with a towel after a lot Sheng uneasily silent opening: "Huang aunt, my mother still live here?" "Still cheap authentic nba jerseys here, otherwise it can go, you child, no one heard from so many years away, leaving your mother alone here." Not that she did not want to give audio ah, Mo Sheng some sadness. Seven years ago, she had just learned that his father's death abroad, I immediately called home, my mother was very calmly said to her: "You do not call again later, and do not return, you ruined my father rest of my life, I was finally able to live quietly, do not want to see anything about him. cheap authentic football jerseys " And then hung up the phone, then dial the phone, even has is empty. Still later, and from his father's old school in the United States where Uncle Lee learned that she has not believe some of the hidden secrets ...... Huang Sheng did cheap authentic football jerseys china not answer silent aunt complain: "Mom well?" "Body have not heard anything bad, you've come unfortunately, she just followed us out to community organizations tour today, five days back you auntie this first stay in the yellow bar." To travel up? Mo Sheng how did not expect this answer. It seems that she is really doing great, silent weeping eye sheng, gently smiled, stood up and said:. "Huang Auntie, I'm leaving." "Ranging from your mom come back?" Aunt Huang said in amazement.