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"Unequal, and in fact, I just wanted to see her getting on well, then, there are some things to ask her." Mo Sheng paused, "Now I know she was doing well, those things, I suddenly do not want to ask. " Outcome has been the case, the reasons are no longer important. "Huang aunt, thank you, please do not say I came over." Huang aunt went away to his father to ask the cemetery cheap authentic nfl jerseys free shipping address, Jinjishan A District 157, like residential address as grades. Such worship is not Qingming season, hardly the Jinjishan who sat silent beside his father's tombstone sheng, head against the monument, as my father was alive when the father and daughter chat posture. Mo Sheng now also chat and dad: "Dad, so long to see you, you will not blame me, I always want to come back ...... really?" "I may be too weak, and can not accept why I take the time obviously was a man, and now it is a monument?" "I always feel that if I do not return home alive like you, I remember you on the plane before I bought me cheese biscuits ...... then you lied to me and said let me go to the U.S. to see good, bad come back, but I think that is not good, but come back ...... " Cemetery photographs and silent young sheng somewhat similar throughout cordial smile, Mo Sheng grabbed the sleeve wiped photo:? "Dad, this picture or you do not think of it when university with such a young photo you can impersonate a young ghost. " Mountain shrouded in a cheap authentic nfl jerseys china thin fog, surrounded by the silence was as if the world is no sound, silent Sheng knocked tombstone: "Dad, you ignored me." Long silence, silent Sheng's eyes gradually become like fog, like the hazy mountains. "Dad, he said, ah, that is why Chen, you remember it, he said we could be together again ...... you feel okay?" Natural Meirenhuida, after a while, silent Sheng whispered muttering: "Actually, I feel not good, he was so good, always had a lot of people like it, he can find someone better us apart for so many years. there are so many strange, back together, it will only contradictory, he will soon disappointed me, he used often to my disappointment that time between ...... if cheap authentic nfl jerseys china wholesale we broke up, I do not know what will happen now this way, at least I have been accustomed to ...... " Here could not continue, I do not know how long, silent cheap authentic nfl jerseys Sheng said softly:. "I did very well, you do not worry about me ...... I'm going, Dad."