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"Dad was not any at home?" "He, ah, still in the restaurant, too busy," his mother had just turned hot Pork out from the microwave, "you hurry to eat." Qiming edge just to sit down at the dinner table, the phone rang, Qiming pick up the phone, Li Wan heart frowning Chongni blame the "Oh, you are good to eat before cutting, or another cool way." Qiming opening the phone cover, it nike nfl jerseys free shipping is easy to see away from the short message. Easy remote heard the door open, looked up and saw Qiming for a soft white slippers standing on his doorstep. He held out his hand toward his own arm blanket the sky, and his voice was thick and warm in the evening, he rushed away easily nodded and said, first to my house. Easy throw up his hand, wipe the eyes with the back up savings tears, from the ground up, picked up the bag walked toward Qiming doorstep. Change of shoes, standing in the living room away easily, because the clothes are wet pants, did not dare so easy to throw on a white sofa and sat down. Qiming in a room off to the locker open, pulls out a few clothes, come out, and gave away easy to say, You go put it, wet clothes off. Li Wan sitting at a table on the edge of his own heart to eat, did not say anything, take their food when the chopsticks forced to fall between the plates and bowls to throw to, to come up with a great sound. Easy remote embarrassed look Qiming, Qiming made ​​a "do not care for her" gesture, put away easily promote their own room, so she went to change clothes. Easy to walk out of the room wearing clothes Qiming, carefully sit down on the sofa. Qiming greeted her, called her over for dinner. If not finished, Li Wan heart slammed in the mouth nike nfl jerseys to cough up phlegm, get up to spit in the sink in the kitchen. Qiming go back on the kitchen shouting, "Mom, take a bowl and chopsticks out." Easy remote gasped, staring past directed Qiming, Qiming waved his hand, made ​​a motion to comfort her, "Nothing." Li Wan heart when nothing came back out, she sat down on a stool, his eyes just keep eating low, like totally did not hear Qiming speak. Qiming frowned and said nothing, got themselves to the kitchen. Came out, bowls and chopsticks Qiming handle on the side of the pendulum in their position, easy to throw on to say, "Come and eat." Yi Li Wan heart goes Yaokan look like a brush with a layer of paste-like ugly face, then whispered, "I do not eat, you eat and aunt." What Qiming was about to say, Li Wan heart toward the bowl on the table a place heavily, "What do you men know the guy, people love beautiful little girl, cutting weight loss to understand, people do not eat you manage yourself, less hot face to cold ass. " Easy remote Zhang of the mouth, and then said nothing, and shut up. She put down for the wet clothes into the bag one by one, while the plug, while the remnants of the clothes ripped off some of the plants, but also not lost on the ground, so easy to walk all the pinch in their own palm. Li Wan heart eating, sit on the edge to go away easily, easy to walk toward the next Nue subconsciously. Li Wan heart picked up on the coffee table from the remote control, turn on the TV, the news network in the icy male announcer's voice sounded in the room. "How not to go home ah?" Li Wan heart staring at the TV, did not look easy to walk, he pulled by a music channel, which is being put "two butterflies." "Key forgot to bring." Easy walk quietly replied. "Your mother was not at home? Recently I saw her." Li Wan heart of the remote control back on the coffee table, carefully listening to the songs on TV saliva vulgar. "Could go nike nfl jerseys wholesale out and buy something to it." Easy walk to clasp hands unnaturally protruding edge of the sofa that an edge. "Not in the afternoon to a guy you have guests at home, but also to go out to buy something ah?" Li Wan heart faint smile grinned. Easy remote looked down, no longer speak. After a while, I heard Li Wan whispered Nianliaoyiju Ruoyouruowu heart, "I see is the man to buy things right." Easy remote looked up and saw Li Wan heart faint smile face. Like a leaky heart open to the general sense of the rapid penetration of shame, the distance between the face of quickly narrowed. Closer. Then narrowed. The face is almost like a stick in the nose easily laughed away, even in her mouth like you can smell the smell of middle-aged women. Mixed with food residue and cheap lipstick taste. Easy to stand up and rushed into the kitchen away suddenly, violently retching up against the sink. Qiming suddenly stood up nervously, trying to burst nike nfl jerseys supply into the kitchen, saw his mother coming from the couch projected sharp eyes. Qiming realized how much their actions have outdated. Qiming slowly sit down, and after a few seconds to calm down, raised his face and asked his mother, "she how is it?" Li Wan heart staring at his son's face looked half a minute, just easy to throw his son's behavior and expression, reasoning like an interesting title, Li Wan heart is like a video camera, like everything silently incorporated into the eyes.