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East of the city. A place closer to the river. Congjiang surface wind blowing always with wet moisture. Everything should get soaked like yellow weak. Close the evening, after another river ringing whistle. Gu Sensi slow down the speed, quietly followed Gu Senxiang next ride. The wind blew his bangs left, and blown right. "Hair long friends." Gu Senxiang turned around, his brother said. "Well. Know. Tomorrow afternoon I went to the barber." nike nfl jerseys from china Gu Sensi turned around, toothy smile. Red light when two men stopped. "Sister, how do you come home so late today, ah?" "The teacher was called to the office, said that the new math competition began again, call me ready for it." Gu Senxiang patted the dust skirt on. "Really powerful ah ......" Gu Sensi diagonal on the bike, put the tie from the shirt ripped off, turning into the pocket, "This certainly has the right nike nfl jerseys to win a prize." Gu Senxiang smiled, raised his wrist looked at his watch, said "ah so late," then there is no talking, anxiously waiting for the light to turn green. Ride two main roads, then turn left, no vehicle entered the cell. Ride when the cell door, Gu Sensi suddenly think, "Oh, mom yesterday that the cup is not broke do to help her buy one?" "Oh, oh, yesterday broke." "Sister ...... I had no money." "Well, I went to the supermarket to buy your first ride home, so mom so anxious." Gu Sensi nodded firmly placed the two, the car on a bend to see it. Gu Senxiang looked younger brother smiled, and then fall off the leading edge of the cell to the supermarket to ride past. Gu Sensi took out the keys, not enough time in the lock, the door suddenly opened from the inside to. Mother opened the door, her face, and that the last part of urgency "Oh how nike nfl jerseys free shipping now ......" After seeing the door when Gu Sensi quickly collapsed, and she leaned out the door and looked toward the hallway, and then turned and asked, frowning Gu sensi: "? your sister did it and how you get back together?" "Sister in the back," Gu Sensi bent for slippers, "immediately went to." He went into the living room, the bags unloaded from the shoulder toward the couch fling. "Come back," my father smoked a cigarette out of the room, "Come and eat it. Wait for you two, but also that you have anything at all." Them the usual few dishes on the table, not rich, but not simple. Gu Sensi touch the belly, pick up toward the mouth Grilled rice bowl. Congguizili father drank a bottle of liquor a month have not finished, pour a small cup, but also to sit down, caught up a salt peanuts. Back to the mother from the door, frowning, said:. "Ye both father and son, Hungry Dead reincarnation ah Xiang Xiang has not come back yet." Sensi did not take care of, then kept on eating. Father "Oh," playing the rounders, "All right all right, not any outsider, you come ah, first eating. Sensi estimated nike nfl jerseys supply hungry too." "You're hungry, others are not hungry! Would you not eat, others eat it!" Mother turned backwards, to stand outside the door and looked, no head no tail to throw such a sentence is over.