2019 Parade Participant Registration


To request to participate in the Washington, D.C. St. Patrick's Parade complete the form below and submit on-line.

NOTE:  The system will permit ONLY ONE entry per email address.  When registering more than one participating group, the system requires a unique email address per registration.

The Application deadline is Friday February 15, 2019.

Even if you have been a previous participant, please ensure you have read the Parade Policies and Rules

Participants with Automobiles - Insurance Requirements

Any group intending to have an automobile in the Parade must carry a minimum of $300,000 liability insurance and submit the declarations page from the associated policy via e-mail to: insurance@dcstpatsparade.com by Friday, February 22, 2019. Registration approval will be revoked for any participant with a vehicle that has not submitted the requested insurance documentation by February 22, 2019.

Participants with Animals

The District of Columbia Department of Health requires registration and vaccination information from units with animals.


Participant Registration

Describe what is visually distinctive about your group (e.g. uniform colors), so the announcer can easily identify you.